Meet a Friend: Ruth Parker

ruthRuth Parker is a true Friend of Erie
MetroParks and conservation efforts.

A kind, gentle, and wise philanthropist, Ruth has contributed to upgrade the quality of life wherever she travels. In the late 1970’s her father John Frost, renovated the Frost Center, a building that once was used at the Osborn Prison Honor Farm. This act began a patterrn of family giving that has continued. The Frost-Parker Foundation was formed after Ruth’s husband, William, passed away and it contributed to building the William Parker memorial steel bridge that gave usability to Parker Lake at McBride Arboretum at Firelands BGSU campus. The foundation has given contributions to Adventure Walkway at Edison Woods and¬†interpretive signs at Osborn Park. The Shoreline Park in Sandusky happened because of Ruth.

She donated to the Trust for Public Lands to accomplish its mission to conserve lands that have significance historically, ecologically and recreationally to the people of Ohio. This includes the pledge to aid in preserving east Sandusky Bay region under management of of Erie MetroParks. Its purpose is to be for recreational, educational, and interpretive programming.

A graduate of Wooster College, she and her later husband William have three children, John, Jim and Allison. Ruth has six grandchildren.